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Fishing Kruegers

Higlights and tidbits

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Higlights and tidbits

What's coming up and going on....

Hannah got an ensemble part for the spring musical and then wasn't able to perform because she has an infected lymph node and was out of school for the whole week.  She did get to go see it once, so that was nice.    The spring talent show was great.  Hannah and Teddi did a great rendition of "For Good" from Wicked.  So good that they get to do it again in May.

Jessi's teacher is Mrs. Cline.  She is very nice.  She also has a little boy names Caden.  It must be the new up and coming boys name.

He's here!  see the like to check out pix.

Fishing, fishing, fishing.  What else can we say!?!?

what's next.....